vrijdag 26 juli 2013


Especially for bloggers who participate in the Stashbusting Challenge, but can't read Dutch, I'll write a blog in English. Last week I wrote this already in Dutch.
I went trhough my stash, and decided to make some project-plans.
This is what I came up with:
This old-pink yarn will become a knitted sweater for me, the green and off-white will become a knitted sweater for my daughter (and probably there will be enough left of all 3 colors to make a third sweater).

This wonderful Drops Alpaca, together with some leftovers and a blue Fabel (which in real does match very well in color) will become a knitted sweater or cardigan for me too.
And this mohair will probably be turned into a knitted sweater or cardigan for me also.
All these grey bits and leftovers will become some pair of socks for my husband.
These shinny cottons? I'm not sure yet, but probably a blanket for one of the beds in our holiday-cabin. I'll probably crochet this one.

This brown sweater isn't looking well anymore, if you look closeby, so I'll frog it and together with the 3 balls with some shinny, glittering brown in it, I will knit it to another sweater.

This dress I don't really like, I never wear it, so I'll frog that one too, and knit it into a cardigan.

And finally I'll knit a cardigan of a lot of balls I have like this one:

So, as you all can see, I have a lot of plans, and they all include only stash yarns!!! I think I could go "cold-sheep" for a year or so, without having any problem, staying busy, knitting and crotcheting!

Well, I hope you liked your visit here, and I hope more of you will go look in their stash and make plans with it, like I did!


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